Both first-time users and experienced graphic designers will appreciate the intuitive powerful text handling capabilities of Desktop Publisher Pro. Enter text directly into text boxes, cut and paste, or import text from files. Desktop Publisher Pro flows text around graphics; it allows you to link text boxes and precisely place text elements, right down to the letter.

This full-featured desktop publisher provides users far more control over the appearance of text than ordinary word processors. Whether your running a business, advertising a garage sale or adding the finishing touches to a school project, Desktop Publisher Pro lets you tinker, tweak and outright torture text, plus create headlines and special effects like the best of the big-name publishing software at a fraction of the cost.

If text on a path provides the perfect visual solution, get creative with the Bezier Text Tool. Reshape the curve, edit text, and change letter spacing. You can also use the Bezier Tool to create interesting and dynamic shapes for your graphic images. It's all within your grasp with Publisher Pro.

In addition to standard Object Tools used to create lines, curves, circles, squares, and round-cornered rectangles, Publisher Pro offers Speech Balloons and a Star Tool. Highlight your message inside a colorful starburst or medallion.

Create visually robust text for a masthead or headline, using the wide range of text tools. Turn ordinary text into graphics that really get noticed. Choose from an entire palette of built-in treatments or create your own special effects.

System Requirements:

Windows 98, Windows NT, or Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows XP

16MB RAM (128MB of RAM recommended)

32MB free hard disk space

Pentium or comparable processor

Windows Vista
for correct working on Windows Vista,
please Run Application with Administrator right, or download and install this Vista fix patch.